The JDS Legacy Group, made up of HMHS Drama Club alumni, seek to “pay forward” the lasting impact Jack Shaw, English and Theater teacher at Haddonfield Memorial High School from 1973 to 1981, has had on our lives. We will award a cash grant to a graduating senior from HMHS for further study in the theater arts. The award winner will have demonstrated a deep connection and commitment to theater, and embraced the values and ethics Jack instilled. Students will apply by writing an essay (a minimum 500 and maximum 750 words), or filming a passion statement (up to three minutes), explaining what theater means to them and describing what they would do with the award. Applicants are invited to demonstrate their artistry in any form of theatrical endeavor through optional submission of supplementary materials (audition monologue video, original scripts, director’s notes or video, scene designs, lighting plots, etc.). Applications can be received any time after the first of the year, but must be received by March 15. The grant winner will be determined by a committee of current HMHS faculty/staff (theater program director and another HMHS representative if the director so chooses), and two or three members of the JDS Legacy Group.

Funding for this grant will be sought from HMHS Drama Club and other alumni who have demonstrated connection to the arts, current Haddonfield residents who support the arts, and local philanthropic organizations who may choose to support the fund via grants. The goal is to create an endowed fund of $25,000 that will allow for a $1,000 scholarship in perpetuity.

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