Our Mission

The mission of the JDS Legacy Group is to “pay forward” the lasting impact Jack Shaw, English and Theater teacher at Haddonfield Memorial High School, 1973 to 1981, has had on our lives. We seek not only to share the skills he taught about putting on a play — from set and lighting design, to acting, directing, public speaking, and everything in between — but also the life lessons he instilled. Jack demonstrated how to take on a task with dedication and commitment; he modeled the importance of showing respect to all; he valued teamwork and recognized each person’s contribution; he sought perfection but showed us how to learn and grow from imperfection (and settle for excellence). With the work of this group, we hope to inspire a love of theater, to nurture the connections among people who retain deep affection for each other long after the curtain has fallen, and to further the creation of a safe community built around theater arts, where all feel welcomed for a lifetime.

  Jack Shaw 


our goals

1. To continue to build connections and relationships among those who worked with Jack Shaw as well as those who have shared the benefit of his teaching after that time


2. To create pathways and programs that pollinate the broader community with the values seeded by Shaw’s legacy


3. To grow the visibility and impact of our powerful shared experience beyond students and alumni of HMHS

Haddonfield Memorial High School